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Improve your health and discover your fullest expression of wellness

Ayurveda Health Coaching, Therapeutic Massage, Movement Education and Breathwork with Luke Karamol



Are you committed to making health changes in your life? Do you recognize the power of diet, lifestyle, and mindfulness routines in solving underlying patterns of disease or simply in enhancing your day to day experience of life? Whether through Ayurveda health counseling, massage therapy, or yoga, I provide tools and services to my clients so they can heal themselves. This can look like improved digestion, energy, increased mobility, or simply greater clarity in day to day experiences.

Herbal Remedies


I offer individual Ayurvedic health consultations and workshops across California. I graduated from the Mount Madonna School of Ayurveda and am a nationally certified Ayurveda practitioner (NAMA,AD). I completed 3.5 year clinical practitioner program at Shubham Ayurveda learning directly from Ayurvedic Doctors based in India.

Swift Tide


With over 2000 hours of massage training and ten years of therapeautic massage experience, I have a deep and holistic understanding of the human body. My sessions are based in the Hendrickson Method(c), and also incorporate tui na, acupressure, deep tissue, and other techniques.

Buddha Statue


I have over two decades of experience practicing and teaching traditional Tibetan and Hatha yoga. I offer weekly classes and workshops throughout California and across the country, and also offer private and group sessions.


Traditional Tibetan and Hatha yoga provides benefits far beyond a work-out for the body. By integrating breath and mind these modalities provide us with more energy and vitality while helping release stress we hold in our bodies. Ultimately, these practices not only support self-healing but also greater self-realization. 


Public Courses: 

I teach traditional Tibetan yantra yoga with the Dzogchen Community center a at the Hidden City Ballroom in Point Richmond.  

June 15 at Park Yoga- Respira & the Architecture of the Breath:Shaping the Breath, Shaping the Mind

June 22 at Park Yoga- Foundations of Yantra Yoga

Private Sessions:

If you're interested in a personalized routine to support your practice, to help heal past injuries, or support better alignment, I offer 60 minute private yoga sessions. 


I've been having major migraines for years. While I was trying various diets, psychiatry, and therapists, the condition never went away. I was skeptical about seeing Luke, but I'm sure glad I did!  With just one session, Luke diagnosed my situation and was able to apply a mix of Ayurveda herbs to my lifestyle. The solution was simple and the results have been fabulous.

James T.

Luke Karamol is an exceptional massage therapist and teacher with deep experience in numerous disciplines, from ayurveda and health to orthopedic massage. All of this informs his yoga classes, which are inspiring, thorough, and fun. Highly recommend booking a massage session or taking a class with Luke if you have the opportunity!

Maria S.

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