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Traditional Tibetan and Hatha yoga provides benefits far beyond a work-out for the body. By integrating breath and mind these modalities provide us with more energy and vitality while helping release stress we hold in our bodies. Ultimately, these practices not only support self-healing but also greater self-realization. 


Public Courses:

I offer twice monthly yantra yoga classes by donation as part of the Dzogchen Community center at the Hidden City Ballroom in Point Richmond at 10:30 AM-12 PM on Saturdays. 

Private Sessions:

If you're interested in a personalized routine to support your practice, to help heal past injuries, or support better alignment, I offer 60 minute private yoga sessions. 

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Tibetan Yoga of Movement



Traditional Postural Yoga


"Luke Karamol is an excellent, compassionate and perceptive yoga teacher. As a more mature student with some physical issues, I've found him to be both patient and encouraging always. I enjoy his humor and his open willingness to share expertise."

Linda H.

I've participated in classes and workshops with Luke Karamol and just can't praise him enough. He is very approachable and dedicated, constantly seeking to learn and improve. Learning yoga from him is pleasantly non-hierarchical yet structured and effective - and a great experience!

Bruno G.

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