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In Ayurveda, the importance of daily practices is essential for bringing greater well-being, health, and happiness in our lives, and to help us understand ourselves in relationship with the world around us.

In my consultations and workshops, I provide tailored health suggestions specific to your personal constitution. We then explore simple and effective everyday routines and herbal formulas that allow the innate wisdom of the human body to express itself. I also introduce key concepts of digestion, food guidelines, ideal sleep patterns, and exercise routines.


I am very grateful for the help I received from Luke Karamol. 
I reached out to Luke for assistance because I was struggling with difficult digestion and fatigue. We had a consultation and two follow up conversations. 
Luke gave me recommendations on an Ayurvedic dietary plan and daily practices specific to my needs.  
He was very responsive, professional, and thoughtful throughout the process.  
I'm happy to say that within 30 days I experienced a drastic improvement with my symptoms, and I'll continue to practice many of his recommendations for the long term.

April S.

Luke's assessment and suggestions for diet and sleep have dramatically helped me with my sinus problems and sleep. I've had nasal problems for the majority of my life. I now follow a steam bath regimen with herbal supplementation that have helped me to clear my allergies and restore my breathing. I followed his instructions to adjust my diet and sleep hygiene, and have since been able to sleep much more than I ever have before.

Lincoln N.

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